Beef Samosas

20 09 2010

I started this recipe and didn’t realize a few things in advance so I’ll note them here!.  First, though it says it is ready in 40 minutes, you are supposed to cool the mixture in the fridge for an hour after everything is combined!  Hadn’t planned on that.  Second, I bought puff pastry to put the samosa stuffing in so I could just bake it instead of frying.  I’ve never used phyllo dough before and I didn’t realize you have to defrost it overnight before you can use it.  So we had our samosas in tortillas.  I guess that is Indian/Mexican fusion cuisine!  The surprise was that even Jason liked it!  Zach was tentative, Jacob ate it somewhat reluctantly but Ian ate it up and had thirds and fourths.  So I will definitely make it again.  One last FYI, there are A LOT of spices to combine.  If I had planned in advance, I would have pre-measured them out.




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